How to Add Money into Mobilemila Account Using Bank Transfer Method

As a new user that just signed-in with mobilemila. You are to Add Money into your Account to enable you to Refill Airtime of any network, Buy Data, and perform other activities present on the user dashboard.

Here at, We have two major mode of payment - Online and Bank Transfer. And from our analysis, customers and retailers preferred to make payments using the Bank Transfer.

So, that is why we are providing this guide on ...


How to Add Money into your Mobilemila Account with Bank Transfer Method

Step 1 - Go to your mobilemila user account : 

Step 2 - Enter your credentials - Phone number, Password and click the LOGIN button.

Step 3 - On your user account dashboard, Click / Select the ADD MONEY button. It is just above the Plan upgrading form.

1 The Add Money button at User Dashboard

Step 4 - In the next opened page, Enter an AMOUNT. Example, 2000 ( You don't need to include any Naira sign, comma or an abbreviation).

2 Typing Amount to Add Money into Mobilemila eWallet webpage

Quick Tip

Here, you will notice that the payment option was set to ONLINE. Now, Click the BANK TRANSFER to change selection.

Step 5 - After entering the Amount to fund your account, then click the RECHARGE WALLET button.

3 Recharge Mobilemila Wallet with Bank Transfer

There will be a prompt message showing the Mobilemila bank account number. You can make Payment using your BANK TRANSFER USSD CODE or the BANK BRANCH DEPOSIT option, Your account will be updated once payment is received.

So, After my payment with Bank Transfer using GTB. My account balance went from N50 to N2050

 Payment is approved

Now, I can Buy data, Airtime, Pay GOTv subscriptions and pay other bills.

That is how it works. Thank you for reading and hope you find it useful.