How to Register and Login to Mobilemila User Account

The process to register and log into the user dashboard is very straightforward, but we have come up with a writing guide to walk you through the process, so as to avoid errors and mistakes.


Here you go;

How to Register for a User Account

Step 1 - Go to the registration webpage > It is accessible from any web and mobile browsers.

Step 2 - Fill-in your correct details. Your name, active email address (for communication and user data upgrade), Phone number (to be used for all transactions), Enter password and click the REGISTER button.

Mobilemila user registration page

That's it. You will be automatically redirected to your mobilemila user account within a second.

Quick Note

After completing tasks and/or activities on your first login via the mobilemila dashboard and exits the browser without the website URL and password saved. Down here is how to re-login to your user account the next day.

How to Login to your Mobilemila User Account

Step 1 - Visit the mobilemila login page > On the opened login page, Enter your phone number, password and click the LOGIN button.

Mobilemila User Login Page

And in less than a second, You will be automatically redirected to your mobilemila user account. 

That's how it works. Thank you for reading and hope that you find it useful.