How to Add a Shortcut to Access Mobilemila website from Phone and Computer

While waiting to have the Mobilemila Mobile App ready, you can use these methods to BOOKMARK or Add a shortcut on your phone and computer to quickly access the mobilemila website when you want to perform a transaction.

By bookmarking or adding a shortcut, you can directly access the MOBILEMILA website from the computer, phone home screen and browser homepage


This also helps you to remember when you forget the mobilemila website address.

Bookmarking the Mobilemila website on phone browser

1. Open the website - on your phone browser

01 Mobilemila homepage.png

2. Click on the 3-DOTs Lines after URL to show the BOOKMARK option

02 click the 3 dots to bookmark mobilemila website.png

3. Hover and Select the STAR icon to bookmark or save the mobilemila website link to your phone browser

03 click the star icon to bookmark or save mobile mila portal.png

4. Then, A message will be displayed to confirm that Mobilemila website have been bookmarked. You can click the next button to Edit website

04 mobilemila website bookmarked on phone browser.png

How to Edit Mobilemila Bookmark  (optional)

1. From the mobilemila website, click on the 3 dotted lines and select the STAR icon. The color changes to blue, meaning it has been saved on your phone.


2. Edit the website title to something like Mobilemila VTU or Mobilemila site

06 Edit mobilemila bookmark page.png

3. Click the BACK ARROW after editing website title, and It will be saved automatically.

07 edit mobilemila bookmark title and click the back arrow.png

How to Access Mobilemila website after Saved or Bookmarked

1. Open your phone browser. Click on the 3 dotted lines and select BOOKMARKS. 

08 how to access saved bookmarks.png

2. Select the MOBILE BOOKMARKS option

09 click on mobile bookmarks option.png

3. Locate the saved mobilemila website and double click to open website on your browser

010 click on the saved website to open link.png

4. You can as well, edit title and delete the saved website

011 click the three dots to edit saved website or bookmark.png

5. Use the MOVE UP option to move the mobilemila bookmark at the very top for quick navigation

012 edit move or delete saved website .png

How to Add the Mobilemila website to Phone Home screen

1. Open the on your Phone Google Chrome browser. Click the 3 dotted lines after the website URL. Then select the ADD TO HOME SCREEN option

013 how to add mobilemila website to phone home screen.png

2. You can EDIT the mobilemila site title to something shorter or just leave it like that, and click the ADD button

014 Edit mobile mila site title to add to home screen.png

3. select ADD AUTOMATICALLY to have it appeared to any available space on your phone home screen or Home slides menus

016 select Add authomatically to add mobilemila shortcut to home screen.png

Now, you have it on your phone screen for easy access to the mobilemila portal Any time, Any day. 

Sometimes, It may not appear at the very front screen of your phone. You will have to find where it's saved automatically and drag/move it to your first home screen.

The MobileMila shortcut added to Phone home screen.png

We recommend a light screensaver or wall paper for more visibility

018 Looking good on mobilemila home screen .png

Bookmarking the Mobilemila website on computer browser

1. Open the website - on your computer web browser

1 Bookmark mobilemila on computer chrome browser.png

2. Hover and click on the STAR icon after URL. It has the description "Bookmark this tab"

2 Bookmark mobilemila website on computer chrome browser.png

3. Edit BOOKMARK (Mobilemila website title) to something memorable and shorter. E.g. MOBILEMILA VTU, MOBILEMILA PORTAL, etc

3 Bookmark Mobilemila vtu website on computer chrome browser.png

4. After editing the title, click "DONE" to save

You can then have the mobilemila link on your browsers tab for quick navigation, and would appear on the browser homepage links after regular visits.